Seattle Lawyer Services

Personalized solutions to your legal needs. We offer a wide range of services including bankruptcy, immigration, personal injury, and short sale & loan modification. Locations in Seattle, WA.

Seattle Bankruptcy Attorney

The bankruptcy attorneys at Integrity Law Group pride themselves on their knowledge and abilities when it comes to bankruptcy law. They are ready and willing to use their experience to help with your bankruptcy related issues. They will help you to decide which chapter is right for you and will work with you to achieve the best possible outcome in your bankruptcy filing.

Seattle Immigration Lawyer

At Integrity we are well versed immigration lawyers and are experienced with all types of immigration options and business visas. Principal attorney Max Soi has handled numerous cases and successfully litigated cases in Immigration Court. Integrity Law Group can help you decide what immigration option is right for you.

Short Sale & Loan Modification

Having trouble paying your mortgage and don’t know what to do? You want to sell your home but owe more than it’s worth? You don’t know what rights you have with the lender? We will meet with you for consultation where we will advise you of your legal options in a short sale, including foreclosure consequences, taxes, deficiency & bankruptcy issues related to a short sale. An attorney will negotiate and help gain approval of short sale transaction through diligent mediation with the seller’s lenders and other lien holders.