Real Estate

Commercial & real estate finance

Our real estate attorneys are able to assist its clients in strategically drawing up commercial real estate documents. Assist in procuring both private and public financing projects through various avenues and lending institutions. Our office represents large and small real estate owners and investors, reginal centers and lenders. Let our office assist you in your large or small commercial real estate project and assist you in procuring financing or assist with preparing finance protections when lending money.

Condominiums & home owners associations

Our office has extensive experience in condominiums and homeowners’ associations laws and represents both associations and individual owners. Our office can assist with a wide array of services, including creating bylaws, amending association documents, evictions works, forming associations and litigating complex condominium and association matters on both the association management side and the individual owner side.

Distressed Real Estate, Workouts, Bankruptcy

There are many reasons that a property becomes distressed, whether it was strategic of strictly the economy, we can help. Our experience dealing with large distressed commercial properties on both lender and distressed owners’ sides, complex investor projects, and individual homeowners trying to save their primary residences, we can help formulate a plan to deal with each unique situation based on our client’s goals.


Attorney Consultation

Our attorneys will help gain approval of short sale transaction through diligent mediation with the seller’s lenders and other lien holders.

We can also represent you in a personal and business Chapter 7 liquidation if necessary. Remember that short sale negotiation may be continued at the client’s request even in a bankruptcy. It is also possible to strip liens and second mortgages in certain types of bankruptcies.

Document Collection

Our team will help with gathering of all the required documentation for the process. We will review the package, request title report, prepare the HUD and will initiate the short sale process with the lender(s) and junior lien holders.

Real Time Status Updates

Our negotiators team will provide with status updates via our real time platform. All the parties to a short sale process will be able to access the platform with updates on short sale process. We provide complete end-to-end support to our clients and agents!

Loan Modifications

Our office has negotiated hundreds of loan modifications through either the mediation process or directly with the lenders and services. A loan modification process commences with an initial consultation where we can ask strategic questions on to gather information that will assist our team in determining the best avenue for our clients based on their stated goals.  We will them gather documents and run the Net Present Value test to determine certain available programs for our clients.  If there is not sufficient time to prepare the loan modification applications, our office is equipped to request and attend mediations or chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings to cease the foreclosure sale and allow the client to retain their properties.  If you intend to retain your real property, allow our office to provide you the guidance based on our knowledge in using the tools available to assist you with your goals.

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Leasing issues

At ILG we are experienced with dealing with leasing issues from both the landlord side and tenant side. With the knowledge and experience in working with both landlords and tenants we can use this knowledge to strategize and formulate a plan to reach the end goal for our clients. We can also use this knowledge in drafting landlord or tenant friendly leases. If there is litigation that arises from a landlord tenant relationship, our office is well equipped to represent either the land lords or tenants.

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Real Estate Litigation

Our office has vast experience in all real estate related litigation matters. We have represented many clients with adverse possession claims or defenses, easements, air rights actions, landlord tenant disputes, arguments arising from residential and commercial real estate purchase agreements, earnest money disputes and representing borrowers or lenders in mediation or arbitration.

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Our office has negotiated local and international real estate transactions. We have counseled, secured, negotiated and closed both commercial and residential real estate deals. We can assist you on either the seller’s side or buyers’ side to review the real estate deals that you are currently negotiating or we can represent our commercial and residential clients in negotiating the deals directly.