Defaulting on Your Mortgage

I haven’t been making my mortgage payments.

What’s going to happen? Do I have rights?

What to do when you find yourself in default.

If a homeowner misses a mortgage payment, then the homeowner’s account goes into default. When this happens, the servicer is required to send a Notice of Pre-Foreclosure Options (NOPFO). If you are at the beginning stages of foreclosure and receive a NOPFO, you have the right to request a “Meet and Confer,” which is a request to meet with your lender in your own county to discuss options regarding your foreclosure situation.

You must make your request for a Meet and Confer within 30 days of receiving the NOPFO. If you would like an in-person meet and confer in your county of residence, you must request it in writing and it is highly recommended the request is sent via certified mail, so you have proof of delivery. When you speak with your servicer, take detailed notes, including the date, the time, and the name of the person you are speaking with.

Open and keep all letters and documents from your servicer, including envelopes. The date on the stamp is not necessarily the same as the date on the letter inside. Carefully store and organize documents regarding your income and expenses.

Once you request a Meet and Confer, the servicer must wait an additional 60 days before issuing a Notice of Default. If a homeowner does not respond within 30 days of receiving the NOPFO, then the servicer may issue the Notice of Default.

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