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Integrity Law Group is a full-service, local law firm with experience, integrity, and a passion for helping our clients find innovative and effective solutions to meet their legal needs.

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We provide the highest quality legal service across a wide spectrum of practice areas including bankruptcy, civil litigation, estate planning, family law, immigration, landlord/tenant, and real estate.

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Get the latest news, headlines, and events related to U.S. bankruptcy law, real estate, immigration, litigation, dispute resolution, estate planning, probate, and personal injury.


Defaulting on Your Mortgage

I haven’t been making my mortgage payments. What’s going to happen? Do I have rights? What to do when you find yourself in default. If a homeowner misses a mortgage payment, then the homeowner’s account goes into default. When this happens, the servicer is required to send a Notice of Pre-Foreclosure...
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When Should I Update My Will?

A List of Reasons to Review and Update Your Will   Once they make a will, many people will put it in a safe deposit box or leave a copy with their attorney, and forget about it. However, there are many reasons to review and update your will and other...
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6 Reasons Short Sales Fail

A short sale occurs when a lien holder or mortgage company agrees to accept less than what is owed on a home in order for the home to sell. Lenders are not in the business of accepting less than they are owed, and their business model is not set up...
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