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Integrity Law Group is a full-service, local law firm with experience, integrity, and a passion for helping our clients find innovative and effective solutions to meet their legal needs.

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We provide the highest quality legal service across a wide spectrum of practice areas including bankruptcy, litigation, estate planning, family law, immigration, landlord/tenant, and real estate.

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Get the latest news, headlines, and events related to U.S. bankruptcy law, real estate, immigration, litigation, dispute resolution, estate planning, probate, and personal injury.


5 Steps to Take After Declaring Bankruptcy

About 1 million Americans filed for bankruptcy in 2013. If you were one of them, you've likely heard that bankruptcy will stay on your credit reports for 10 years. You might be assuming your life is over — at least financially — for the next decade, but you'd be wrong. Bankruptcy does do major...
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What Are the Risks of a Short Sale?

Short selling property has many benefits, but is not for everyone and there are many pitfalls that you may not be aware of.  The benefits of a short sale if properly negotiated is release from personal liability and liability from the real property, eliminate future home owners assessments, fines from...
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What Creditors Can Be Discharged in a Bankruptcy

Most if not all creditors are subject to the bankruptcy discharge, even taxes. The non-exclusive list: credit cards, certain taxes, medical debts, personal injury debts, some tort claims, delinquent utilities, some home owners dues, mortgages, personal lines of credit, business debts, some student loans etc. Even if a debt is...
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