Areas of Practice

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Bankruptcy and Debtor & Debtors Rights

Our attorneys can help you get a fresh start from under your crushing debt. Visit our Seattle office for a consultation with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer who can help stop harassing phone calls, stop wage garnishments, prevent repossession, and eliminate most unsecured debt such as credit card bills.

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We can make your visit or immigration to the United States, or adjustment of status within the United States as smooth as possible. While our Immigration attorneys are based in Seattle, we handle immigration cases nationally and internationally.

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Real Estate Law

Make sure that your property and your rights are protected in the eviction or unlawful detainer process. Evictions in Seattle have to comply with the just cause eviction ordinance. Other cities and counties may have local eviction laws you may not know about. Consult with our lawyers in Seattle for landlord and tenant issues or evictions to ensure that your eviction complies with the law.

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Litigation and Dispute Resolution

When a dispute arises, our attorneys at ILG are well versed in assisting our clients through litigation or alternative dispute resolution. We are apt at exploring ways to resolve the disputes with alternative dispute resolution and general litigation.

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Estate Planning and Probate

The lawyers in our Seattle Estate Planning practice can help you prepare for the time you can no longer look after your loved ones. We will help you and your spouse devise a will, trust or other testamentary instrument to ensure that your last wishes are carried out for your children or beneficiaries.

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Family Law

The dissolution of a marriage is fraught with emotionally charged issues, especially if children are involved. It's at these times that our Seattle based divorce lawyers can help you achieve equitable divisions of property, parenting plans, and child support that are in you and your children's best interest. Visit our Seattle family law attorney for more information.

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Personal Injury

Our assertive lawyers will help manage your personal injury case to maximize the potential compensation for your injuries. Inquire about a consultation with our Seattle personal injury lawyer.

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Landlord Tenant Rights

Our landlord tenant attorneys have experience in representing both landlords and tenants. We work with both commercial and residential landlords and tenants to retain a working relationship and litigate contested matters when they arise.