Justin made a difficult and unhappy process as painless as possible. He kept me well-informed, helped me through the more confusing parts, and handled everything with grace and humor. I'm hoping I won't need an attorney for a good long while, but when I do, I will call Justin.

Mark Mitchel


My husband had gone through a financially difficult time throughout his twenties, lost his home, and lived through years of avoiding collection calls and attempts... he had all but given up on rebuilding his credit and lived "off the grid" for a long time.  Soon after we were married, I convinced him that looking into bankruptcy might be the best way for a fresh start. We met with Justin Mishkin, and right away we knew he was on the ball. He explained the process, time frames, cost, types of Bankruptcy, and all with no judgment.  He had an answer for every question and was always available.  We started the process in March and his bankruptcy was finalized in June.  If you are considering bankruptcy I would highly recommend Justin. He's straightforward, efficient, and trustworthy.  We are very happy with the level of service provided and overall outcome!!

Felicia W.


No one knows his stuff like Justin, I recommend all friends and clients to Justin and everyone is beyond satisfied with the service and knowledge Integrity Law provides them with.

Irina Bagdasarov


The Staff at Integrity has been very helpful for the clients I refer and myself when it comes to Bankruptcy, Loan Modification and Short Sales. Justin has walked me through my difficult Real Estate situation and made the Bankruptcy experience seem stressless. I had direct contact w/Justin which is very important for me when I had questions I needed answers to. Carey has been great in answering questions and returns calls quickly. Khaly who handles the Short Sale division has been great at closing a very difficult Short Sale deal for my client. I am working with Jake at this time to modify my home loan. They do have my best interest in mind. I look forward to a continued working relationship w/Integrity and it's staff.

Elsie Chaudoin


Trust, confidence, understanding, and relentless. Just some of the words that come to mind when I think of the team at Integrity Law Group.

Teizi Mersai


I used Max Soi for some legal paperwork. He was very efficient, communicated well, all the paper work was done on time, and in general he is a very pleasant person to do transactions with. Thank you, Max. Would definitely use your services again.

Jurga M.


I am a fellow attorney and Justin Mishkin of Integrity Law Group has become a mentor of bankruptcy law for me. Every time I have a question for him, Justin seems to know not only the answer, but the reason for the answer, and can always explain it in such plain language, that anyone can understand it. Even when I tried to stump him he knows it all. Most importantly, the name of his law group is there for a reason--the work he does is truly based on integrity to the law and to the profession of being a excellent lawyer.

Marina Dzhamilova


My immigration application for my wife in Cambodia was denied several times. Max helped me prepare a detailed response to the USCIS requests for evidence and asked the state's Senator's office to intervene our behalf. Eventually, our persistence paid off and my wife was issued a visa. Max's meticulous and diligent efforts allowed my wife to join me in the US. I have recommended several friends in the same situation to him because he did a great job for me. Now that my wife is in the US, I couldn't be happier. I am only upset that immigration takes so long.

Martin Keath


My wife and I were in a situation where we could no longer afford our house payments due to loss of income. There has been a steady decline in our industry with no end in sight. We bought our house in 2006 with 100% financing which was a big mistake. We were looking at a sizable balloon payment on our second loan that we would not be able to pay since our savings had dwindled. Our first was refinanced under HARP but still carried a relatively high interest rate. We tried to handle it ourselves by contacting the bank. Everything seemed to go well; we went through a painless process of required paperwork and wrote a letter of hardship. The person handling our case assured us "everything looked good" and sounded hopeful.  We received a big fat DENIAL letter via Fed Ex. I couldn't believe it. The bank gave us the run around and the guy taking care of us never returned any of my calls (for help). Fast forward to Feb 2012. I contacted Justin at Integrity Law to see what our options were. After looking over our financial situation, what our house was worth, and what our mortgages were he sounded pretty confident he could keep us in our house. He made sure we were realistic in what we wanted and also what may occur as a result of pursuing loan mod, short sale, etc. Ultimately the second loan was wiped away  and the first loan was modified. Although I'm sure every modification will net different results it is WORTH it. It does not hurt to consult them.  I am writing this on the first anniversary of completing the loan mod.  Listen, I cannot convey in words how stressful it was for my family at that time in our lives. Don't be foolish and try to do it yourself. My sister saw three of her friends lose their damn houses dealing directly with the bank. Let this office handle your mortgage problems for you.

Ray W.


Hello, I first came to know Max, attorney from Integrity Law Group, back in summer of 2009 when I was searching for an attorney to help me with my divorce. He was very knowledgeable about his line of work. Also, he was very helpful and explained to all my questions that I had doubts and concerns. Max always said “Relax, we will take care of it”… which he did. The divorce went smoothly and quick. After three years, I finally decided to get marry again. This time is oversea so I needed Max to help me with the documents to file sponsorship for my wife to come to the United States to be with me. I came to his office and handed over all the documents papers he needed. The case is in currently in process. Based on my experiences, Max is an articular and diligent person. I put my trusts on him to help me with my current case or any cases in the future. By the way, he also has an extraordinary secretary named Carrie. She is organize and amazing on her work as well. She followed up on your case status and answered to your questions when she can. I would recommend anyone to consider Max as your attorney for any cases. So if you have any questions or concerns, it does not hurt to give him a call. He probably can help you take the headache and stress out of your problems like mines.

Joe Doe


Integrity Law Group lives up to their name. Max and Jake were great in helping me with my multiple legal issues. They didn't nickle and dime me at a time when I couldn't afford that. Max explained the process and how long it would take. He gave me a pretty good estimate of the expected fees and costs for case and took care of everything without having too much. My parenting plan modification took the better part of a year with multiple hearings but eventually we got something in place that worked for me and the ex even though we couldn't initially agree.

Robert Falgan


Through the recent recession my parents were in a really tough spot with their mortgage and a mountain of debt. Being small business owners made things especially complicated and fragile. Prior to meeting Justin, my family and I thought that we could take on everything ourselves--the collectors, banks, landlords, creditors. It was really discouraging to see the dominoes start to fall: we faced losing our home and businesses. And since we didn't know the repercussions of our actions, we proceeded by squeezing every last cent from our lives to throw good money at bad. We knew it wasn't sustainable so we sought legal advice. The very first time I sat in Justin's office, he understood everything we were going through because he'd seen it all before. It felt truly liberating to give him all those burdens. He has been pragmatic as he's counseled us on how to maximize our savings, keep a roof over our heads and ignore everything else that eventually wouldn't matter. But most valuable was how Justin knew every angle of our situation and provided full transparency. He was deeply knowledgeable regarding family's options as homeowners and business owners. Everything from loan modification, short sale, foreclosure, bankruptcy, business reclassification--he went over all the pros and cons and provided his honest opinion. I really appreciated the fact that i didn't have to spell out every detail for him to see the big picture. Everything--from my parents' culture to their uncompromising pride--Justin knew exactly how to navigate those waters. And, with his "let me handle it" attitude, he delivered the best possible outcome for us. It's been over a year, and Justin is still fighting the good fight. We've managed to stay in our home and keep both businesses. Justin is in constant contact with important updates and I can honestly say that I haven't had to do much at all. Also, we've actually been able to lean on his partner Max for a personal injury case in which we were awarded a settlement. They do it all. Integrity Law Group lives up to its name and i highly recommend them for anyone in the Seattle/Puget Sound area!

David H.


Nice guys that don't nickle and dime ya. Trust is the key word when it comes to Lawyers and I can trust these guys. Plus I live in Seattle, so it was nice to be able to go down to their office conveniently.

Gus Zadra


Integrity help me out in every way imaginable when I got my divorce. With their help, everything went smoothly and soundly during the divorce process. Both myself and my ex husband are satisfied with the outcome of the divorce and I would certainly recommend their services to anyone who needs them.

Beth Lund