Litigation and Dispute Resolution

When a dispute arises, our attorneys at ILG are well versed in assisting our client through litigation or alternative dispute resolution. We are apt at exploring ways to resolve the disputes with alternative dispute resolution and general litigation.

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Our office handles disputes that arose prior to a bankruptcy filing or during a bankruptcy filing. We are able to move for relief from stay, file adversary proceedings and move for general non-dischargeable actions. We are experienced in both the bankruptcy courts and receivership proceedings.

Our attorneys pursue the maximum amounts for our clients in all insurance claim cases, including filing bad faith claims and assessing claims prior to actions being filed.

Our office handles all litigation and dispute resolution for real property disputes. We have defended and filed cases in the State and Federal Courts and have gained successful results in arbitration and mediation for our clients.  Our clients range from adverse possession law suites between neighbors to large apartments complexes litigating terms of a purchase and sale.

ILG has experience in dealing with complex fiduciary and officer litigations. We represent officers, members, and shareholders in disputes arising from breaches of duties, consumers claim, and other disputed matters.

Our family law attorneys are versed in litigating property settlement matters, custody disputes and all other family law matters.

Our office can assist with asserting and defending claims of bad faith, Will interpretations, who the rightful beneficiaries may be and interpretation of contested documents.